Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the ChildProtectionCompany.com training courses?

Quite simply because our courses are in line with the latest government guidance, easy to access, offer excellent value for money and each successful participant receives a personalised and fully portable certificate.

Our online courses take around one to two hours to complete and you can start and stop the course whenever you like. You get free retakes and your training credits have no expiry date. For organisations buying multiple courses we also provide your organisation with full administration rights so that you can assign courses to specific individuals, monitor their progress and assign credits to any of our courses.

We also send everyone timely reminders of when individuals' training certificates are expiring so no one's certificate inadvertently lapses.

With our face-to-face courses a qualified safeguarding professional conducts each course, which take half a day, thereby allowing sufficient time for the subject to be explored in depth. The majority of our face-to-face courses also take place at your premises, helping to reduce both cost and travel times across your organisation.

Which is better, online or face-to-face training?

It depends on your circumstances really. Face-to-face child protection training allows the subject to be explored in more depth but then you must attend the course at a specific place and time. This may well be within your organisation but could involve you travelling to a venue with all the attendant costs and travel time.

As a general rule, face-to-face training courses also tend to be more expensive on a per person, per course basis. This makes online training the more cost-effective delivery method for learners who find it inconvenient to attend face-to-face child protection training programmes.

For organisations and groups purchasing our online training courses, the ChildProtectionCompany.com provides a simple set of online management tools so that the organisation's nominated administrator can track the status of everyone's online training. Your account can be monitored day-to-day and provides timely renewal information to ensure your people are always kept up to date on safeguarding issues.

Reflecting the differences in course delivery the ChildProtectionCompany.com face-to-face child protection course certificates are valid for 3 years while our online course certificates are valid for 2 years (1 year for e-Safety).

What do I get with an online child protection course?

Just because you opt to take an online rather than a face-to-face child protection course, doesn't mean the process has to be more complicated or the course less demanding. Every ChildProtectionCompany.com online course:

  • Has a pass rate set at 70%
  • Provides you with a personalised Training Course Certificate on successful
    completion of the course, valid for 2 years (1 year e-Safety)
  • Provides you with a downloadable referral flow chart
  • Can be taken anywhere that has Internet access
  • Takes around 1-2 hours to complete
  • Can be paused, stopped and restarted at any time to allow you to take the course at the pace and time that suits you, returning you to the page you were previously on
  • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Can be retaken as many times as is needed, at no extra cost
  • Can be tracked by the organisation's administrator, which is especially useful for
    educational organisations and others who have to maintain a central staff record for training

What do child protection courses cost?

Our online child protection courses cost per person (except Safeguarding in Education/e-Safety for parents):

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £23.25 £27.90 £27.90
2 £41.50 £49.80 £24.90
5 £91.25 £109.50 £21.90
10 £165.00 £198.00 £19.80
20 £310.00 £372.00 £18.60
100 £1,400.00 £1,680.00 £16.80

Course costs per person for Safeguarding in Education:

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £28.95 £34.74 £34.74
2 £51.90 £62.28 £31.14
5 £114.00 £136.80 £27.36
10 £206.50 £247.80 £24.78
20 £388.00 £465.60 £23.28
100 £1,750.00 £2,100.00 £21.00

Course costs per person for e-Safety for Parents:

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £9.95 £11.94 £11.94
2 £17.70 £21.24 £10.62
5 £39.00 £46.80 £9.36
10 £70.00 £84.00 £8.40
20 £133.00 £159.60 £7.98
100 £600.00 £720.00 £7.20

Are demos of the online child protection courses available?

We offer demos of all our online child protection courses; simply click on the relevant link below:

How easy is it to administer online child protection courses within my

Very easy. The software allows an organisation to assign an administrator, which then allows them to manage the training courses within the organisation.

They can set up the system so that any person within their organisation can access training or alternatively they can assign courses to individuals. They also have the ability to block access where appropriate.

Administrators can see who has commenced their training, when they have completed a course and their pass mark, along with the ability to see whose training is coming up for renewal. This is particularly useful for organisations that need to maintain a single central record of their staffs' training records.

Where necessary an organisation can also set up multiple administrators.

Will I meet all of my obligations by undertaking your training?

Training alone cannot enable an organisation to meet all of its safeguarding responsibilities or all the safeguarding requirements of bodies such as Ofsted and CQC.

Training is an essential element of a wider approach to safeguarding which must also include appropriate policies, practice and organisational culture.


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