e-Safety/Online Safety for Schools

Since September 2012 Ofsted have been inspecting e-Safety as part of their review of a schools safeguarding arrangements.

Ofsted state: Inspectors should include e-safety in their discussions with pupils and (report) what measures the school takes to promote safe use and combat unsafe use, both proactively and reactively.

Typical questions Ofsted inspectors may ask are:

  • How do you ensure that all staff receive appropriate online safety training that is relevant and regularly up dated?
  • Does the school have e-Safety policies and acceptable use policies in place?
  • Describe how your school educates children and young people to build knowledge, skills and capability when it comes to online safety? How do you assess its effectiveness?
  • What mechanisms does the school have in place to support pupils and staff facing online safety issues?
  • How does the school educate and support parents and whole school community with online safety?

The ChildProtectionCompany.com has all the resources a school needs to enable them to fulfil their e-Safety and safeguarding requirements. Our e-Safety support package and online e-Safety training courses are straightforward and cost effective products to enable a school to meet its e-Safety obligations, helping to keep its students and staff safe, and to provide the evidence needed for Ofsted inspections.

Our online e-Safety for parents course is a great resource for schools to engage and involve parents and families in the e-Safety message, providing further compliance with Ofsted's requirements.

An annual training licence is also available, providing unlimited access to all our online training courses for schools. Please contact us with your staff and pupil numbers and we will supply a tailored quote.

e-Safety and Social Media Training Course

An online e-Safety training course specifically designed for teachers, schools and the education sector. This course will assist schools to fulfil Ofsted's requirement for all staff to receive regular e-Safety training.

The course gives an introduction to e-Safety and social media and raises your awareness of:

  • The risks to children
  • The importance of educating and empowering children
  • The risk to you
  • How to deal with e-Safety incidents
  • The different types of social media
  • How to use social media for parental engagement, professional development and teaching/learning

The course comprises of 14 modules followed by an assessment to test understanding. It should take around an hour to complete, although it can be paused and restarted at any time. Click here for a full course breakdown.

On successful completion you can download a personalised Training Course Certificate, which is valid for 1 year.


The e-Safety and Social Media course has been written by a leading e-Safety expert who has on the ground experience of working with many schools and both courses are regularly updated to reflect advances in technology.

Our learning management system has been built to solve the problem of maintaining central records for all e-Safety and child protection training and ensuring that everyone's training is current and up to date. If Ofsted want to inspect your records, simply use our website to display a full record of staff training certificates. When training needs to be refreshed, we'll also send you reminders.

The online e-Safety training can be taken at any time of day and started and stopped as needed. Teachers love the flexibility to be able to take the course at a time that suits them, without disturbing the teaching day.

Course costs (per person):

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £23.25 £27.90 £27.90
2 £41.50 £49.80 £24.90
5 £91.25 £109.50 £21.90
10 £165.00 £198.00 £19.80
20 £310.00 £372.00 £18.60
100 £1,400.00 £1,680.00 £16.80

Tailored annual training licences are also available for purchase and provide excellent value for larger schools, please contact us for more information.

Safeguarding in Education Training Course

Our new Safeguarding in Education online training course has been written to meet the safeguarding needs of those working in the education sector.

Essentially the equivalent of three courses in one, it covers Ofsted's recent changes to safeguarding (September 2015), the inclusion of the Prevent Duty (July 2015) and potential e-Safety/online safety risks.

With the onus on school leaders to create and embed 'a culture of vigilance', the course enables staff to understand the potential safeguarding risks and how to report them.

The course takes between 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. Click here for a full course breakdown.

Course costs (per person):

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £28.95 £34.74 £34.74
2 £51.90 £62.28 £31.14
5 £114.00 £136.80 £27.36
10 £206.50 £247.80 £24.78
20 £388.00 £465.60 £23.28
100 £1,750.00 £2,100.00 £21.00


e-Safety for Parents Training Course

An online e-Safety training course, specifically for parents and carers, designed to assist schools in engaging parents in the e-Safety message.

It gives an introduction to e-Safety and awareness of:

  • The risks to children
  • The Internet predator
  • Inappropriate and illegal images/content
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Identity theft
  • Steps parents can take to protect their children
  • Where to go for help and further information

Again the course has been written by a leading e-Safety expert. It comprises of eleven short modules followed by an assessment to test understanding and should take around an hour to complete. Click here for a full course breakdown.

Our learning management system enables schools to see how many parents have completed the course, and can be used to demonstrate parental engagement in e‑Safety to Ofsted.

Course costs (per person):

Number of courses     Total Cost  
(ex VAT)  
   Total Cost  
(inc VAT)  
   Cost per course  
(inc VAT)  
1 £9.95 £11.94 £11.94
2 £17.70 £21.24 £10.62
5 £39.00 £46.80 £9.36
10 £70.00 £84.00 £8.40
20 £133.00 £159.60 £7.98
100 £600.00 £720.00 £7.20


The e-Safety for Parents course can be purchased as part of an annual training licence for schools to provide comprehensive whole community training and excellent value, please contact us for more information.

e-Safety Support Package

The Child Protection e-Safety Support Package is designed to provide you with a straightforward and cost effective way of ensuring your school is e-Safety compliant. It also provides you with an expert review of your e-Safety practices, a comprehensive action plan and the ability to gain accreditation status. The benefits of the package include:

  • Information and resources to assist you in developing your e-Safety policies and practices.
  • A review of your Acceptable Use (e-Safety) Policy by an e-Safety expert.
  • Guidance from our experts assisting you with queries related to your e-Safety policies and procedures.
  • An E-mail helpline giving you access to our experts for any e-Safety support queries you may have.
  • An accreditation checklist which can be used to verify your policies, procedures and practices.
  • A detailed review of your accreditation checklist by an e-Safety expert, who will provide a comprehensive action plan detailing any changes that might be required.
  • Once you meet the necessary standard you will be given accreditation status and supplied with an accreditation logo.

The price of the e-Safety Support Package is determined by the total number of staff (full-time, part-time and volunteers) in your organisation. Prices are VAT inclusive.

Each Support package is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase.

Number of staff: 1-2425-4950-7475-149150+
e-Safety Support    £300.00  £360.00  £420.00  £540.00    POA   

Number of staff:       


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